February 19th, 2013 – This is me

21 Years Old……………………… February 19th, 2013

Let’s try this again.

I like to think I’m a man of passion and love. I have big dreams and can’t wait to make them come true. I’m a risk-taker, a scientist, and just a bit silly. I enjoy my life as much as I’m able to, and have a desire and the motivation to be active in the lives of those around me to help them be happy.

So many people believe the value of their life is measured by their income or their belongings or their success. I am personal friends with several students who insist that getting a well paying job is what’s important, or that they find a hot girlfriend is what’s important, or that running a company and having four interns working under you is what’s important.

I’d urge you to pause and consider if your dreams came true and you were miserable if they could really be all that important?

I think not.

The apparent importance you hold in all these things lies in that you judge that they will make you happy.

Happiness is significant.

My friends, happiness is everything.

Don’t follow common dreams like wealth and fame with the expectation of your success making you happy.

I’d urge you to instead pursue happiness first.

Finding what makes you happy is part of self discovery; it’s part of growing up.

It’s up to you to discover the means of your own happiness.

This morning I had an interview with Harman International, an audio technology company. Sarah, my girlfriend, woke up early with me to help me get ready. I ate a banana and cheerios out of a plastic bag as I rushed to my friend’s car, which I was borrowing. The last thing I did before leaving was kiss her goodbye and save a mental image of her gorgeous naked body on my bed, with her messed hair, her smile, and her pale D breasts.

I felt a little anxious driving to the interview. I stopped at a McDonalds for a legendary shit. I felt much better.

I arrived at the office ten minutes early. I walked in wearing a borrowed suit. I had no black socks, so I wore a pair of Sarah’s yoga pants under the suit’s slacks and let the legs run down to my toes. Laugh if you’d like, but I was warm and comfortable and stylish.

The interview went well, except that I was interviewing for a test engineering position and I’m not sure if they could tell that I hate test engineering. I should be hearing back from them soon.

My friend Alan told me today that he’ll help me with writing the software for my mouse sensitivity pedal. We should get the prototype working in the next week or so. I’m excited to get test volunteer trials done.

Also, yesterday I had the idea of making a youtube channel with short animated videos teaching men how to please women, sexually. I’ve considered writing a book, but I think youtube is a more viable market for that sort of thing.

I have an exam to study for tonight. I might spend some time with Sarah if I have time.


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